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    1. It’s definitely a perfect trail for beginners! I had a hat but the poor thing had to suffer through many Marilyn Monroe moments since it was so windy outside. Water? To be honest, I forgot (insert sheepish expression here) but I would still recommend bringing some.

  1. I was born in Los Alamos and our family visited Bandelier often. One of my favorite landscapes is the high desert, especially in the Jemez Mountains.

  2. Wow – your writing is awesome. So articulate and I feel like I’m reading a story and not a travel post (which is lovely). Saw pics from this place on Instagram and now I’m glad to know more about it!!

  3. I love your descriptive writing style! I adore Santa Fe, and am hoping to go back again sometime this year to spend a little more time there (and to force my boyfriend to love it as much as me 🙂 ). I’ll keep this in mind as a day trip for next time!

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