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  1. Mango Tea? That tea shop sounds like a place I would move into, if it were here in San Antonio 😉 They would probably have to evict me, because I would never leave on my own. Oh and the art is beautiful too!

    1. Haha! Honestly, I felt the same way in San Antonio in regards to Mi Tierra. I’m a huge hot chocolate drinker, and their Mexican hot chocolate made me want to set fort inside the restaurant. I would hope the Tea Shop wouldn’t evict you…you would only be helping business 😉

  2. What a great read! I’d never heard of Canyon Road. It looks like such a great way to spend a day. Your Dr. Suess comparison to La Mesa seems spot on! I love how each gallery has its own flavor. A walk along the road would be quite an artistic tour. The finish at the Tea House really rounds out the day well. A perfect way to reflect on the art you’ve taken in!

  3. That tea house sounds amazing. I think I’m the opposite of you in that I don’t like my tea sweetened at all. I find the raw taste of tea with just 1 flavor is the best. Great article 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! The Tea House was astounding just in the sheer variety. If you like your teas unsweetened, then the cafe is perfect because all their drinks are raw. Some have mixed flavours but are based heavily on one 😉

  4. I adore the Southwest and this just added to the places I want to visit. I would love to sip some tea in that Tea House! I mean, mango tea? Yes, please! Thanks for adding to my ever-growing wanderlust!

  5. Santa Fe is absolutely on my “must see” list this year. The environment seems so inspiring, and I think the impact it has had on the art scene is incredible. And my boyfriend would love the Tea House!

  6. I really loved the painted bamboo and glass flowers. With the contrast of the adobe houses, it makes for a vibrant delight to the eye. Love your photography.

    1. The glass flowers were lovely! I felt like I was walking through a modern yet retro secret garden! The whole city was very vibrant indeed 🙂

  7. Seems like a great way to spend a day. You got to see so many different pieces of art with each gallery having a different strength. I also would have ended the day at a tea house. I am a sucker for good tea and it sounded like they have a large selection to choose from.

    1. I’m currently obsessed with tea and The Tea House’s menu literally blew me away! There were more choices of tea there than I’d ever even heard of 🙂

    1. Thank you! The artwork was so pretty. I think I spent a good half hour, just running around the entrance and taking pictures because every angle was picture-worthy!

  8. Oh wow! So gorgeous! I have been to Santa Fe briefly but never heard of this place. Looks like a great place to visit next time I am in the area :).

    1. Yes! It is so beautiful, isn’t it? I was blown away by how much artwork there was in one street. Who knew that such a fantastic area existed?

  9. Ohhh i love places that burst with colours and this seems like one of these places! No idea if i’ll ever travel to Santa Fe, but if i do – i will check Mesa out. By the way, I love your logo & blog!

    1. Thank you so much! There is so much colour in Santa Fe and it stands out compared to a lot of other places because of the gorgeous brown, adobe brick that is used to construct the buildings! 🙂

  10. What a cute part of town! I’m always intrigued by the southwest and hearing about a place like this makes me want to go even more! Great post!

  11. Wow! I didn’t know this place even existed! And your post is extremely well written. I’ll just have to add this place to my list now 🙂

  12. Wow, New Mexico is incredibly cultural and beautiful! Who knew so many galleries existed! This looks like a lovely place to visit

  13. Wow, New Mexico is incredibly cultural and beautiful! Who knew so many galleries existed! This looks like a lovely place to visit

  14. I think my favorite was Canyon Road Contemporary (that wisteria is gorgeous!!). Also, I love your writing style – have you considered pitching an article to Travel & Leisure or a travel magazine? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s on my to-do list at some point 😉 I love Canyon Road Contemporary too, it’s very fluid in it’s artwork, so it’s one that you can keep coming back to and always discover something new 🙂

  15. What a great post! Those art galleries look amazing! Definitely somewhere to visit the next time i’m in America 🙂

  16. Great pictures and story, but I’ve gotta say, the writing in your first paragraph drew me in immediately. You’re a great writer! I love art and small galleries, so I’d have loved this anyway, but you really made me feel like I was there!

  17. I love Canyon Road! My aunt lives in Los Alamos, so I’ve been to Santa Fe several times and it’s one of my favorite places. Your opening paragraph describes it just perfectly. It is the ideal place to explore and take fabulous pictures. But I have never been to Tea House! Next time I will have to go.

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