Aerial view of Albuquerque

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  1. Wow i love your style of writing. It feels like being in Albequerque even if I have not yet been there. Definitely will be on the must go-to list from now on.

  2. This is so detailed and I feel like I was on this trip with you. Love love your writing style. This was definitely a fun filled trip and has all the right reasons to make me want to visit

  3. I never quite knew how much there was to see in Albuquerque. Having only known about it from the famous TV series, I’m glad to know there’s much more than that here, and one for the cards to visit some day.

    1. Visiting has made me want to see Breaking Bad! I still haven’t gotten a chance to see the show yet! xx – Anshula

    1. Thank you! I love the tramway. At first, I was worried it would be too expensive but it was SO WORTH IT. xx – Anshula

  4. My husband and I returned a week ago from a road trip from Georgia to New Mexico to visit our son who has been working there for a few months. All of your points are spot on. People were so friendly and welcoming. First night was Sadie’s, it was great. 2nd day was a chocolate and coffee festival. 3rd day was tram to top of Sandia but unfortunately was canceled due to strong winds. We went to the old town instead (my absolute favorite). There I saw a painting of watermelon slices on a mountain. That evening I could actually see what everyone was talking about as I looked at Sandia mountain as the sun was setting. Would love to spend more time there.

    1. Hey Jan, that sounds like an incredible road trip! I’m so glad you enjoyed Sadie’s, and a chocolate and coffee festival sounds like a fun addition to any Albuquerque itinerary.

      I hope you get to go up the tram next time you visit ABQ! The winds were relentless two weeks ago, so I’m glad you still got to experience Old Town’s charm safely despite the winds!


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