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    1. Hi Danielle, I’m glad you liked it! Miss Potter is an underrated movie! xx – Anshula

  1. More cottagecore recommendations

    1. Over The Garden Wall (you must watch this)
    2. The Sound Of Music (the opening scene in the hills)
    3. Goodbye Christopher Robin
    4. Pride And Prejudice (the Colin Firth Darcy version and only the Colin Firth Darcy version)

    1. Hi Ching, thank you for expressing your opinions! This blog post is not meant to be a propaganda piece (you don’t have to watch any of these films or series).

      I definitely agree that Anne With An E is not accurate to the tone of LM Montgomery’s works. The show does try to represent minority characters, but doesn’t flesh out their storylines enough to address the problems of the time in which it was set. While I personally enjoyed the modernization, you are right: it has problems. It’s not historically accurate. Season One begins ambitiously, but over the seasons, the diverse storylines felt like reflections of the decade the scripts were written, and not the century in which the narrative is set.

      I want this blog to be a welcoming place, so I’ll add this article to my content calendar to replace the Anne With An E rec with the 1979 anime version of Anne Of Green Gables, which is very faithful to the book.


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