Things You Must Do in Epcot: Norway Pavilion

At World’s Ends: Things You Must Do in Epcot

There is a way to physically experience a multitude of cultures in one day. Yes, it is possible. Yes, you will get very tired. And yes, within five minutes, you could go from tasting the food of Mexico to…

Best Summer Travel Songs
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Eden Playlist: Best Summer Travel Songs

If there is one thing I’m sure you love as much as me, it’s music (and travel, of course). There is something about listening to the beat of a song, the crescendo of the key, and the force of…

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Great Expectations: Guide to Farmington

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first went to Farmington. I had heard a multitude of conflicting opinions about the small city with a population that peaks just barely above 40,000. Some regaled tales of its…

50s themed Blue Moon Diner is one of Farmington's Best Kept Secrets
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Dinner At Eight: Farmington’s Best Kept Secret

This is for everyone who loves rock and roll. Yes, I know what you are thinking right now. “Rock and Roll in New Mexico? Are you joking? What about those pleasant country vibes? Where is the hand-crafted Spanish guitar?…

Salmon Ruins Entrance

Gone With the Wind: Salmon Ruins

I feel like Indiana Jones today. Of course, I am by no means a gallivanting adventurer. For that, I would need a thin-brimmed hat and bloodied knife and the willingness to pretend to be a Scottish tapestry auditor (if…