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  1. Mixed feelings about this book. I liked the parallel storylines. I thought they provided a good backstory on what the motivation was behind her decisions. I didn’t agree with most of her decisions and I didn’t want to sympathize with her because of all the messed up choices she made but I did which made me more confused about how I felt about the story. I wish she didn’t feel the need to do what she did to understand what she needed to understand about herself. The ending was a little choppy. Weird pacing and rushed. Not sure if this counts as a stylistic writing choice but I thought the way she related the physical objects she was carrying and her journey to what was emotionally weighing her down to be interesting and unique. I liked the travel descriptions too. Looking forward to hearing what others have to say and the next recommendation!

    1. I felt the same way about not wanting to sympathize with her but sympathising with her. Even though I don’t like her actions she explains her motivations well.

    2. So many good points! And that is absolutely a stylistic writing choice! I loved how she wove those metaphors in from the very beginning (starting with the shoe).

  2. I think the question about solo female travel is really interesting. I used to follow a lot of solo female travel blogs on Instagram but I ended up unfollowing them because they make solo female travel seem so easy and effortless. I like how Cheryl made me feel nervous for her when she first talked to that guy whose wife would later give her a meal because I feel those same feelings while traveling solo. In those moments she was relatable.

    1. That’s a great point Becky! I’m definitely guilty of doing the same (even though I don’t travel solo, I tend to highlight only the good bits on the blog but I think that’s something I’ll change soon) xx – Anshula

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