Garden Of The Gods Facts Featured

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  1. I love delving into the history of a place and after all, that’s what travel is all about. It looks like a lovely park to visit awayfrom the usual crowded national parks in the area. I hope to visit Colorado soon. I’ve seen gorgeous pics of it.

    1. So true! There are definitely more crowded parks in Colorado! Especially in the mornings, Garden of the Gods is relatively quiet. xx – Anshula

  2. For the fact that it’s free, I already want to get to the Garden of the Gods! No wonder many even love the place and cant wait to flock in. Anyway, I totally love the rocky landscape.

  3. What an amazing place to visit! I didn’t realise it was called Garden of The Gods, but I can see why. And the origin of its name does make you smile, it’s amazing how things get started!

    1. Than you, Anshula for taking the time to delve deeper. It will make my family’s visit there so much more meaningful. I love your blog by the way!

  4. Great view, this reminds me of my visit in Bryce Canyon this April. Bryce is captivating as well. And I enjoyed the hiking trails very much. I’m gonna put this in my buckle list

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