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  • Best Summer Travel Songs

    Eden Playlist: Best Summer Travel Songs

    If there is one thing I’m sure you love as much as me, it’s music (and travel, of course). There is something about listening to the beat of a song, the…

  • DeliciousGelato_QuickGuideToAmarillo

    Quick Guide to Amarillo

    You’ve probably heard of Route 66. How can you not have? The road, an asphalt version of Anna Nicole Smith, has even had it’s own TV show. Route 66 is often…

  • LiebsterAward

    Liebster Award – Passport to Eden

    I looked in my Facebook inbox on Saturday and noticed a new notification. Erin from the amazing Wonderlost Travels nominated me for the Liebster award. Cue applause. Thank you, thank you…

  • Bucket List Featured Image

    Who is Afraid of the Big, Bad Bucket List?

      “You know all those things you’ve wanted to do. You should go do them.” – EJ Lamprey I found that quote on Pinterest. It really captures the essence of a bucket…

  • Impossible Dreams, Big Goals

    Impossible Dreams, Big Goals

    When I was little, I wanted to visit all the places I read about in books. London. New York. Switzerland. Middle Earth. Hogwarts. There was this constant longing to see all…