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  1. You seem to have covered the most important things for an Austin trip. The Keep Austin Weird” slogan is so true. Thanks for sharing all these useful suggestions.

  2. A great post and even though I did not know much about Austin reading this post has given me a great idea of what to expect and what to pack. You have covered these in detail. Dry-bag a good shout when you know Austin area is filled with swimming holes. Camera gear and the right charging devices are a must asw ell. Thanks for these top tips

  3. Austin seems an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing great tips on what to pack, especially raincoat and first aid kit, as they are very useful. It is so nice that your mom designs earrings and you wear them, I would love to see them. The camera is the first thing I pack for my long or short travels.

  4. I loved learning about this Keep Austin Weird thing, how fun and quirky is that? It was fun to read your post about what to pack keeping that in your mind at all times! Great idea on the extras like the dry bag and clubbing outfit!

    1. Haha! Thanks! I definitely didn’t go clubbing but you know, one outfit for the Austin vibe doesn’t hurt….xx – Anshula

  5. This is such a fun packing list for Austin! I’ve never been there when I’ve travelled to the US. I like the sound of a beanie in summer, as well as in winter. I’ll remember this list for when I do travel to Austin the next time.

  6. Austin is so laid back that this list is great. There are so many parks and watering holes that it is a good point to bring swim attire with you. I also like your minimalist toiletries – I always bring too much. Time for me to go back!

    1. Austin is a very laid back city! I think half of that has to do with the huge student population! xx – Anshula

  7. I must say i miss my twenties, especially when i hear about those discounts to museum entry!! I love your selection of attires , they all look great on you. I also liked the sneak peek into Austin’s vibes through this story. somehow I feel a similarity with the university vibes of Antwerp.

  8. This post is a great reminder of all the important things to carry on a trip, I love it! Sadly no Student Id anymore for me 😛

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