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  1. I went here when I was a kid and fully intended to take my kids for a visit when we went to Florida last February. We had just had a new baby, and I completely underestimated how difficult traveling with a little one can be. We ended up nixing the space center. We go to Florida fairly often because we have family there; so hopefully we will do this on our next visit. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes, you should totally head up there the next time you visit! It can tough to travel with small children, but fortunately the KSC doesn’t have many long lines, unlike theme parks, which is great when you have kids in tow.

  2. This is the best write up on the KSC I’ve read. I grew up in Orlando and just took my English fiance there last year (who has never been exposed to the space program like I had) and he cannot stop talking about it to this day. Also gorgeous pictures. 🙂

    1. Awww…thanks! That is so sweet of you! I didn’t even think of going until I found out that it was only a day trip from Orlando! I’m so glad I did, though. KSC is an amazing example of how large a part of American culture the space program was!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Comments like yours motivate me to keep my website going! If you ever need any recommendations of where to go on a certain budget, you can always contact me! I would be happy to help!

    1. Thanks! You should definately go back! The first time I went, I was around eight, so I my mind was pretty much tuned to the track of “awesome space-stuff” but now that I’m older, I see the Kennedy Space Center with a new perspective!

    Really enjoyed your post <3 It's nice to see people/bloggers promoting experiences that actually enrich a person. (Not that I'm one to throw stones, since my life revolves around cute dogs and beach cocktails…But still…)

  4. FANTASTIC photos! Great article, too. I come from a NASA family so it’s nice to see people taking an interest in the history of the space program. Two thumbs up, lady!

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