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  1. Another place on my bucket list that I definitely ned to visit! Your article made me want to travel asap!

  2. Hi! I actually live and am from Terrell. I hope that you got to see the haunted Griffith House. It’s my favorite!! It was the home of the surgeon who repaired Sam Houston’s leg during the war. They do ghosts tours of the home during October. The actor Jamie Foxx also was born and raised in Terrell and has opened a performing arts theatre here. It still is a town that seems to be frozen in time (in a good way) I’m glad you liked it!

    1. Hey Alyssa, thanks so much for commenting! I saw the Griffith House on my drive-by tour (it’s spooky in a good historic sort of way). But I had no idea Jamie Foxx was from Terrell – how did I miss this? Bookmarking the performing arts theatre for my next trip there! xx – Anshula

    2. Actually, Jamie Foxx did not open the performing arts theatre. It was built by the Terrell Independent School District. A few years ago, it was renamed ‘The Jamie Foxx Performing Arts Center”. Just fyi.

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