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  1. Honestly, something about the idea of collecting coins is so cool! I’ve definitely got to collect these when I travel, thanks for the list, great stuff!

    1. Oh, coins are definitely some of the most interesting and easiest souvenirs to collect while traveling! xx – Anshula

  2. Mugs would totally be mine, or cold cups. I love anything I can drink out of ! I would love to get bookmarks too though. I also enjoy fridge magnets. Functional but cute!

  3. Such a great list! I always buy some bookmarks and postcards and we love to find some decorations for our living room wall, like a mask from Venice and a fan from Sevilla. When we were over at some friends this week, they told us that they buy a Christmas Bauble on every trip and their tree was filled with beautiful souvenirs, which I thought was a lovely idea

    1. That’s a beautiful idea for a Christmas tree! My mum is big into buying decor from her travels too! Her house is filled with beautiful pots and paintings from all around. And the piece you got from Sevilla sounds gorgeous (I love the pretty flamenco fans). Happy travels! xx – Anshula

  4. I collect patches when I can find them & sew them all on my bag. Also, I have the same Jamaican cigar box! I picked it up on my honeymoon & now I keep my smashed penny collection in the box. Those are another good souvenir, smashed pennies or Christmas ornaments.

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