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  1. Dodie’s Cajun does sound like a delicious spot to seafood. And I even like the sound of Sideway BBQ – I am sure BBQ would be so delicious in Texas. The Harbour Rockwell sounds like a great place to stroll around and explore. And I totally would love to cruise the waters, what a great way to explore.

  2. hmm… interesting. I am curious as to what fish are coming out of these waters in this area ? Or were they mostly serving seafood they imported in from elsewhere?

    1. I didn’t see any fish while I was there (but there was a “no fishing” sign so maybe…). Also, North Texas is nowhere near the sea so I’m pretty sure the seafood is imported. xx – Anshula

  3. Never been here. But the pictures reminded me of the lighthouses along the great ocean drive. Similarly amazing views and great photo ops for sure! Would love that BBQ too along such surroundings!

  4. Looks like a very serene and relaxing place. I love the ambiance and I think hanging out here should be in a nice thing to do in Texas. Thanks for the info.

  5. I had not heard of Rockwall either. It sounds like a cool offbeat destination! The tips you shared are useful. It makes sense to visit on a Sunday morning! I loved the bit on captain America, haha! I love walking (sometimes for hours) so the Harbor At Rockwall appeals to me all the more.

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you liked the Captain America reference (I sometimes wonder if I make too many on the blog…) xx – Anshula

  6. Rockwall looks delightful – and peaceful from your photos although I can imagine it becoming a really party port when the crowds descend of an evening.
    But definitely a great place for a stroll, some shopping and a lot of relaxing. I’ll be sure to add Rockwall to my Texas list for next time I’m in the US!

    1. Haha! Since it’s a lakeside “port”, it isn’t really a party area, especially considering how many small kids come with their parents. But it is relaxing. xx – Anshula

  7. I have never heard of Rockwall but it looks so peaceful. I have a thing for lighthouses so I wouldn’t mind making a stop there when I am in Texas! And now I am hungry as well, haha.

  8. Rockwall harbour surely seems a great place to visit specially if you just want to sit and unwind with a cool drink in your hand. Not heard much about this place but it’s these little gems that are often found by people when you promote these. There is so much to offer from the shopping to the eateries and also the one for the ladies spas and nail bars. Would live to try the bar b q as well. Thanks fir sharing a hidden gem.

  9. The Harbor Rockwall is a great place to visit that is located on Lake Ray Hubbard. The places to eat at the Harbor are some of the best in the state of Texas. The Cajun Seafood Restaurant taste fantastic with char-broiled oysters that taste perfect. Real nice place to visit!

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