Oklahoma History Museum featured airplane

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  1. Great article, Anshula.

    As usual, your travel experiences are always quite fascinating. It’ll be a good idea one of these places and I think the Bricktown Canal would be first on my list.

  2. Wow. You have written it in such a beautiful way that I am feeling like I have just visited the city. Good job girl. ?

  3. Very nice article and photos highlighting some of the many points of interest. There are many other great places to see and visit as well but with limited time a person can only make only so many choices. However the ones you have highlighted are fun, fabulous and memorable. Hope everyone enjoys.

    Sassy Okies

  4. So enjoyed this post! As a native Oklahoman who has had the pleasure of traveling the world, I often share the wonders of our great state. Beautiful sunsets, friendly people, and many places to explore.
    Thank you for highlighting them!

  5. Wow, this OKC Bucket List is a treasure trove of adventure and discovery! From exploring the stunning Myriad Botanical Gardens to indulging in mouthwatering eats at the Paseo Arts District, this comprehensive guide truly captures the essence of Oklahoma City. The vibrant descriptions and stunning photographs make me feel like I’m already there, experiencing the sights and sounds firsthand. Thank you for this incredible resource, it’s like having my own personal tour guide. Keep up the amazing work, Passport to Eden!

    All the best,

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