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  1. Tourist cliches aka on-the-beaten-path attractions are popular for a very good reason — they are the sights considered to be the most worthwhile and I think the kind of travellers who insist on avoiding these to see *only* the “hidden gems” are cutting off their noses to spite their faces because they are missing out. I cannot imagine going to St Louis without seeing the Arch, and of course walking around the Delmar Loop. And I adore botanical gardens!!!

  2. I love the combination of off the beaten path and more popular tourist spots. It will be my first trip to the city and this was very helpful.

  3. Dates are about being comfortable in each other’s company. Dates are also about knowing each other better. I think simpler the situation, the better the date it. Cliches sound perfect for that 🙂

  4. I think the lady at the gate should have given you a special or let you in for free. I love botanical gardens but 12$ is quite pricey anyway in my opinion. I hope you made the best out of it and could enjoy some of the gardens. The last botanical garden we visited was Keukenhof in the Netherlands, full of Tulips. I could have stayed for the whole day if there hadn’t been soooo many people 😉

    1. Oh, it’s super pricey consider how short of a time I spent there. If I spent the whole day, it would have been absolutely worth it. Being let in for free would have been great, Marcelle. Well, a girl can dream. Oh, tulips in Netherlands sound gorgeous! I’m totally adding that to my bucket list. xx – Anshula

  5. Delmar Loop for dinner and a movie – “cheesy”? – we love cheesy. Not sure if we’d do any of the others for a date night except maybe the picnic in the park, but a fun read.

    1. Yeah for cheesy! To be honest, I’m not sure how effective any of these date ideas would be considering I went with William Darcy (AKA with a copy of Pride and Prejudice) ? xx – Anshula

  6. It’s funny, Touristy things often get a bad rap. But they’re usually touristy for a reason, and that’s that they are pretty cool most of the time! I’m like you, an off-the-beaten path explorer. But sometimes it’s nice to go with the flow and see what all the fuss is about!

    1. Yes, Kevin! So true. I try to stay off-the-beaten path but sometimes I just cave completely and jump aboard the hype train. xx – Anshula

  7. You know what? When I’m visiting someplace for the first time, I want to see the touristy things. I don’t care if some of them are things everyone sees. They’re popular for a reason! I look for a mixture of the top tourist attractions and more off-the-beaten-path things, but it’s absolutely okay to go to the top tourist spots.

    1. Yes!!!! You’re so right, Jennifer. Tourist places get a bad rep but a lot of times they are very popular for a good reason. xx – Anshula

  8. I’m with you – I like touristy spots. Well, unless they’re super crowded. But touristy spots are often really fun to visit, and their popularity merited. Agree with you that botanical gardens are wonderful. And often not crowded, to my surprise.

    1. Hey Sarah, I completely agree. The super-crowded tourist sites are the worst! And the gardens are very underrated. ? xx – Anshula

  9. Of course I like touristy spots as a tourist, there is a reason they are called that right! I remember one time there was a line as long as the new iPhone line just to take a photo under a tree and all the couples were waiting. As a good Instagram boyfriend, I also didn’t mind waiting for much 😀 Also gotta say that lunch idea at the park is just calling me.

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