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    1. Good luck! There are some cheap flights deals for Paris (for March) running right now! Hope that helps! xx – Anshula

  1. Some great tips there gal ! Noted few of them for instance I will always book on Thursdays and will book single tickets always ! Thanks for spilling the beans for us 🙂 Now I get how come you manage to travel so much 🙂 a smart traveller

  2. Some great tips there gal ! For instance Book on Thursdays , book only single tickets , clear up the cookies and use a VPN service and even signing up airlines newsletters ! Now I know how u manage to travel so often you smart traveller anshula 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Sharad! Using a VPN service is probably my biggest secret (now, not a secret….) xx – Anshula

  3. A very helpful article for me since I am planning to travel this year! Would love to go back to this article again if I book soon. 🙂

  4. So many nice tips that are very useful. I’ve started departing on a Tuesday when possible after reading it was the cheapest day of the week. According to, it seems to be true in most cases.

  5. I love checking out daily SecretFlying, and until a couple of years ago I was a loyal costumer of Momondo. Then I discovered that Momondo is terrible with cookies. Unless you are using “private mode” these guys will just add up to 30% in fees to the same flight. The worst! In any case, super usefull list! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for pointing that out! I private browse using Firefox so I don’t really run into the cookie issue! xx – Anshula

  6. Thank you for the tips! My favourite hack is to use a VPN too. I also use Nordvpn app, I am a loyal customer for a year now and I would never change this provider into something else. It really helps me to save money not just for flights, but also for Spotify plans or renting a car.

    1. I used to use Scott’s Cheap Flight alerts but it became too expensive and impersonal. Maybe, I’ll look into it again! xx – Anshula

  7. These are such great tips! Booking flights can be so stressful with all the different sites out options out there but these ideas are really good for getting the best deals. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Allegra xx

    The Stylish Traveler

  8. I have been p****** off by the exorbitant flight prices as student.This informative post did make a difference.It sure did.

  9. Nice article you made here… And i must confess, a couple of years ago, i did have the same experience of forfeiting travel by air just because i couldn’t afford the cost of flight ticket…. Yet, the tips you shared here are quite helpful. Great work!

  10. This was a very helpful post! Thank you for sharing your hacks. I’m currently planning a trip so I’ll definitely try these tips !

  11. Alright great article guys! I can’t believe it when i travelled to Dubai with my family I spent about $3800 lesser the usual amount i normally spend.

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