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  1. I can’t decide which Najmieh Batmanglij to buy! I am new to Persian cooking and a big fan of comprehensive, but also practical, cookbooks, such as those from Phaidon. I’m leaning toward Food of Life, but keep coming across her new Cooking in Iran! I have a very large collection of cookbooks and for right now, I just want one of them. What do you think?

    1. Food Of Life is much more beginner-friendly! They’re both can be quite complicated at times but Food Of Life is set up as more of a coffee table book, which is quite nice (there are more color photos to go with each of the recipes, which makes it a bit easier to figure out how it’s supposed to be set up). It also has a veggie section (which is quite nice). There’s a lot of history/cultural context provided, which adds to the cookbook. Hope that helps! xx – Anshula

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