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  1. Can I add to this list of best bookstores?

    – Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon
    – Fullers Bookshop, Tasmania
    – Mál og Menning, Iceland

    1. How did I forget to include Powell’s on this list (*face palm*)? Thank you so much for the recommendations! Also, the fact that Mál og Menning has a wall of Lonely Planet books is just everything (*wishes I could move in here*). xx – Anshula

    1. Love these recs! I’ve been itching to go back to DMV area and check out some of the bookstores there after reading Ibi Zoboi’s Pride. Thank you! xx – Anshula

  2. Can I add one more to your list?

    -Livraria Ateneo, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was an antique theater that was transformed in a bookstore…The place were it was the theater stage it´s the coffee shop for the clients… It´s just beautiful!

    1. Yes! You can absolutely add to the list. This bookstore sounds amazing (adding it to my bookstore bucket list). I just poked through pictures and it looks stunning! I love how they kept the character of the theater intact. xx – Anshula

  3. Hi Anshula! Such a nice post! I know Lello Bookstore, in Porto. I’m from Portugal and here we have several amazing bookstores. In Óbidos, for example, there is a bookstore in a church and another with shelves made from reused fruit crates.
    But some of the bookstores of this list are so beautiful and unexpected! Books have the power to turn any place into magic!

    1. Oh my goodness, both the bookstores in Obidos sound absolutely magical (*immediately adds this town to my bookstore bucket list*). Thank you so much for sharing! 😊 xx – Anshula

  4. Reader-Recommended Shops

    I’m incredibly grateful for all your support on this article! I decided to compile all your bookstore suggestions into an alphabetized list. Here are your recs for beautiful bookstores, book stalls, and book towns around the world!

    – Albertine, USA
    – Atlantis Books, Greece
    – Atta Galatta, India
    – Barter Books, England
    – Bazaar Book Stalls, Pakistan And India
    – Books & Books, USA
    – Books Actually, Singapore
    – Bouquinistes, France
    – Brattle Book Shop, USA
    – Bredevoort, Netherlands
    – Bridge Street Books, USA
    – Cafebrería El Péndulo, Mexico City
    – Chapters Indigo, Canada
    – Cook And Book, Belgium
    – Die Muschel Book & Art Shop, Namibia
    – El Ateneo, Argentina
    – Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Street), Philippines
    – Grolier, USA
    – Half Price Books, USA
    – Hay-on-Wye, Wales
    – Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, USA
    – Leakey’s Bookshop, Scotland
    – Libreria Wilborada 1047, Colombia
    – Montague Book Mill, USA
    – Munro’s Books, Canada
    – Óbidos, Portugal
    – Prairie Lights Bookstore, USA
    – Printed Matter, USA
    – The Last Bookstore, USA
    – The Sleuth of Baker Street, Canada
    – The Strand, USA
    – Waterstones, UK
    – Word on the Water, England
    – Zhongshuge Bookstore, China

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