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  • Weatherford TX featured image

    An Artsy Tale: Pocket Guide to Weatherford TX

    If you’ve heard of Weatherford, TX, you’re probably a small town junkie (guilty as charged) or an adoring fan of Douglas Chandor’s art (again, guilty). If the name sounds as familiar…

  • Peabody Hotel Featured Image

    Suite Experience: Peabody Hotel

    The Peabody Hotel is a pad of youthful luxury in the center of downtown Memphis. Imagine the younger, more demure cousin of the Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental. That, in essence,…

  • untitled-design-18

    Antique Roadshows: Pocket Guide to Canton TX

      Imagine an evergreen city – a place that is perfect throughout the seasons. Wednesdays? No problem. There is something different to do here every night for a year or 100 more.…

  • untitled-design-24

    I’ll Stay in Memphis: Sun Studio

    Here’s everything I know about Sun Studio: Elvis once recorded there. Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis owe their career to a long-nosed man named Sam Phillips. It’s still a working…

  • untitled-design-24

    Guide to the River Market District

    There are two ways to see the River Market District in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first is as a clunky camera carrying, khaki shorts wearing, tourist (which, now that I consider…

  • untitled-design-24

    Pocket Guide to Little Rock

    Envision the number 1771. At first, this number sounds like the title of a year so you try to align an event to the word. Signing of the Declaration of Independence?…