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    Guide to the River Market District

    There are two ways to see the River Market District in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first is as a clunky camera carrying, khaki shorts wearing, tourist (which, now that I consider…

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    Pocket Guide to Little Rock

    Envision the number 1771. At first, this number sounds like the title of a year so you try to align an event to the word. Signing of the Declaration of Independence?…

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    Guide to Main Street Little Rock

    Here’s what I’ve learned about the best Main Streets: quirky mom and pop shops are flanked across wide jogger friendly pavements, specialty boutiques abound and thrive, and there is always some…

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    Old Mill in North Little Rock Arkansas

    When I first saw the Old Mill, I have to admit, I didn’t remember the derelict shape or the rustic colour or the lush backdrop. I didn’t have even the vaguest…

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    Got Milk?: Guide to Heifer Village

    Most of the time, any major corporation’s headquarters are closed to the public. You have to be a suit-wearing employee with a shiny plastic badge that bears your name to slip…

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    Best Minimalist Restaurant in Arkansas

    When I was a teenager, I had one simple wish. I wanted to own less than a hundred items – clothes, furniture, food, movies (all together). If that sounds crazy, don’t…